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@@@@Health & Beauty care goods and Supplement@@@@@@
air cleaner.
This is air purification machine.
Space Guardian removes a pet's bad smell and cleans the air of the room.
@color - violet. 1set@\PUOOOyen
@@ detaild info. replaceable filter

FUSHIBUSHI \6000yen => Special price \4500yen /bag up to top

detailed info.
Joint Nutriment contains the all natural an ingredient per pack.
Glucosamine EEE54,000mg.
Chodroitin EEEEE30,600mg
Multivitamin EEEEE2,160mg

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Runburen Gold @

detailed info.
RUNBREN GOLD is a wellbalanced, supplementary nourising food perfectly compounded of Lumbricus-rubbellus, denhichi, ukon, and vitamin B1.B6. -all the ingredients function vitally inside our body.

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Sole doctor \1200yen

New insole

Since copper and aluminum are prepared in the lower part of a insole, by the electrolysis action of different-species metal, a smell is pressed down by the synergistic effect of disintegration and a sterilization action to be based on perspiration.
Moreover, the control effect of athlete's foot is also achieved.

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Chouja salt SM1 1kg@\PTOOyen/bag
This is a natural sun-dried.salt and fine very delicious salt.
This fine particle salt is populor useing for massage in bath.
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Choja salt@SM50 50gx10bags@\POOOyen/1box
The small bag is easy to use and travel. Please use this salt, when brushing your teeth, since the particle is fine! Please use this salt when you take a bath.
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Choja salt@special@SR1 1@\1800yen/bag
This is more soft salt than Chouja salt SM
It is like powder.
Use it for cocking and Este for bath.
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Choja salt special
small bag for Choujya salt special (powdered salt)
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Chouja salt soap White @\WOOyen
Blue @@\WOOyen@@@
1set 2 soap \PUOOyen
Get The skin beauty ! No make up beauty useing Chouja salt soap!
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The mentioned prece is retail price.
We can export those goods for parsonarl use and business use.
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